Saturday, November 26, 2011


To a true Lady who rules with firm but fair hand
and created for us a new promised land
A place of beauty, taste and class
In roman Style, with verdant grass
Where boys are honoured to be enrolled
and by Gracious Misses be controlled

So on this day, we have extra thanksgiving
for Five years of her Second Living
and though I've known her only three
throughout this time , I've come to see
Her Warmth and Wit and compassion great
have more than one time set this boy straight

Bereft of friendship with Miss Kika
My Second life would be much bleaker
Our morning chats as she jump-starts with Coffee
I wouldn't want to miss for toffee
And though I'd rather boot up on Tea
It's the perfect morning start for me.

So Miss Kika I just wanted to say
I wish you all the best on your rezzday
(I wish you the same every other day too
but today it's extra-specially due!)
From me and all your Strict Venus Friends
HAPPY REZZDAY !! - I hope your reign Never Ends


I hope you're impresed that in a poem about Venus
I never commited a crime so Heinous
As to make a rhyme that uses 'Penis' **DAMMIT!)

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