Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Strict Venus - submissives board

Hello Venusians!

Today we want to talk to you of the submissives board: for a Lady to call a sub for company / service while you're on the land, and - of course! - for subs to be called!

By adding yourself to the board, subs, you're showing you are willing to please Ladies and this will be taken into account by giving you a good score each time you satisfy a request. In fact it will be requested to the lady if you came or not for service.

If you can not come at that moment, take care of sending a polite IM to decline, or you will be given a negative feedback! And make sure that you did join the Strict Venus Group before adding yourself to the board.
Join only if you can and want to be called!

There is the sample of notecard to fill, to give Ladies informations about the sub and the service offered (sub's limits, etc.), that you can take from the red box next to the board, together with the instructions for the joining process.

subs: make sure to have the notecard ready before starting the process of joining the board. you can as well add a specific picture of yourself to the board; in case you don't, the profile picture will be displayed.
When you are ready, just touch a free (empty) square on the board, and follow the guided menus to add yourself to the board.

If you want to remove yourself, at any time, you can come back and click on your own square to take yourself off the board.

If a Lady is interested in calling a sub for service / company, she can just click on the picture to receive the notecard provided by the sub; the on-line submissives will have a green frame displayed, whether the red frame means the sub is not on-line. To call a sub, just touch the green frame!

Come visit and join @ Strict Venus Femdom SSC Land !

The submissives board in Strict Venus Femdom

N.B.: Note that we will be periodically checking the submissives score or if they are part of the group or not, and remove the submissives who are not in the standard. So.. come visit: there is a chance that you can find a free slot for you!

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