Monday, November 12, 2012

At the Court of Marie Antoinette party pics!

       Strict Venus dance party
On Sunday the 11th of nov, 2012
              H 2PM - 4PM SLT
            with DJ Purple Landar

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "At the Court of Marie Antoinette party" !

Here it is! A new sunday party with DJ Purple! At 2PM SLT in the arena of Strict Venus! The theme this time will be "At the Court of Marie Antoinette" so.. 1700s themed outfits! Let's join us in the last glimpses of the Reign of France for a great dance party!

Miss BlackAthena

Miss Eve and Squishy

Miss Gr00t and basil

Miss Kika

Miss Lazy



DJ Purple

Miss Ravenn

Miss Selene

Miss Vanni


party people!


  1. And so... History records that the revolution came to nought, the peasant revolt crushed and the Iron Reign of Popess Kika continued...

    Professional opinion is divided about what really happened.. some say that the subbie camp was rife with treachery and that Popess Kika had a number of secret agents infiltrated within the revolting peasantry to spread disorer and chaos. some say that the subbies having seen some brief glimpses of the sort of power Liz Antionette would wield decided that actually they were better off under the reign of Popess Kika.
    Other say that Popess Kika was simply to powerful an oppressor to be overthrown and that the revolt dissipated when the true scale of her power became clear to them, And some say that it was simply that the subbies could not organise a piss-up in a brewery.

    whatever the true reason, Popess Kika's tyrranical reign continues and long may it do so..

    Vive Popess Kika!!

  2. Wasn't me.. was never plotting *shakes her head*