Friday, April 20, 2012

Congrats Eve and Squishy! From flowers and bees party!

       Strict Venus dance party
On Thursday the 19th of apr, 2012
              H 2PM - 4PM SLT
            with DJ Squishy Paine

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "Flowers and bees party" !

Hello all and welcome to a new party that won't be just the usual thursday dance, but we'll as well celebrate a special couple that gets together again .. Miss Eve and Squishy!  So, together with the party theme, we'll celebrate this partnership as well: you can't miss it!

And now .. the party pics!

Miss Eve and Squishy
Miss Eve and Squishy
The Wedding Cake
Miss Kika and damon

Lady Dream

Goddess Tita and Brax
Miss Lazy and John

Lady Liz and Lucius

Goddess Yanara


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  1. Congrats!! And great pictures. Sorry I missed it RL got in the way!! And love the names on the pictures!