Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SV submissives' arts olympics - partecipate!

Hello dear friends of Strict Venus and welcome to another event of our sim: the submissives' olympics of arts and abilities !

All submissives can partecipate in this great event and try and win a prize in their category. Categories will be:

1. 'sub factor': live singing contest
2. poetry composition contest Femdom themed
3. running hogtied 50mts
4. surprising express building on a given theme
5. treasure hunt in own inventory for items asked

A sub can apply to one or more category (even all!) to collect more prizes. Subscriptions must be sent to Kika Yongho: just a notecard with your name, approximate online times and category/ies.

Ladies if you wish to be part of the Omnipotent Jury, just IM Kika Yongho!

Merchants of the Mall: if you would like to become a sponsor of our event, contact Kika Yongho as well to offer the prizes!

More news to come about calendar of live competitions!  Stay tuned!

Sponsors and prizes:

Kano Tamale will donate 3000 L total for the best express building, the best poet and the best runner !

.. and then :

will donate the following prizes:

and more: 

will donate a surpsise prize specifically made for the competition !

And : 

will donate the following prizes:

The wonderful:

is going to donate a prize for the girls! :

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