Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strict Venus' SPA at Zindra Expo 2011!

Strict Venus will be one of the Exhibitors at Zindra Expo 2011: 

Our Attraction at the Expo will be..
* Strict Venus Femdom SSC Land SPA - Pampering area for Dommes *

Strict Venus' SPA at Zindra Expo 2011

Located in the beautiful SIM of Moustique, Strict Venus is a Safe Sane and Consensual Femdom Land that offers in a stunning classical scenario alot of attractions, including a large SPA where Dommes can relax being pampered by their boys.

The SPA consist of three large pools, all with poseballs to float or just lay in the water for a nice chat, a surrounding area with all sort of pampering toys: massage table, nail polishing and foot rubbing just to mention a few. Just outside the main building a nice open garden with benches and dance balls for a romantic moment after the pampering in the SPA.

For the Zindra Expo Strict Venus will recreate the magical experience of the Pampering SPA, bringing the whole building for visitors to take a nice break and enjoy in a comfortable and relaxing frame.

Strict Venus can be found inworld at:
on the web at:
and of course at the Zindra Expo coming soon !

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