Sunday, July 31, 2011

A deal is a deal ..

What would a boy do to decrease a punishment of being naked in the sim for 12 hours? .. To get a 15 mins discount he could for instance wearing a wig (1), and a pink dress (2), or .. going to a crowded place and shouting : "OMG I AM BEING ABUSED BY A BARREL!!" (3)




Pets at Strict Venus

Don't be surprised if, wandering around the SIM, you see some cute pet; we encourage variety here at Strict Venus - and also we like some fun punishment from time to time..

So, if sometimes you might find yourself flying around the land on a giant bird - like it happened to our Goddess Tita a few days ago - you might as well find bunnies or little chickens pattering in the lounge..

The Big Bird and Goddess Tita

The tiny chicken kneeling in the lounge

A bunny in captivity

Big chicken meets tiny duck

Big chicken and tiny duck become friends
Cute piggy comes visit

All of this and more can be found .. at Strict Venus!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strict Venus' SPA at Zindra Expo 2011!

Strict Venus will be one of the Exhibitors at Zindra Expo 2011: 

Our Attraction at the Expo will be..
* Strict Venus Femdom SSC Land SPA - Pampering area for Dommes *

Strict Venus' SPA at Zindra Expo 2011

Located in the beautiful SIM of Moustique, Strict Venus is a Safe Sane and Consensual Femdom Land that offers in a stunning classical scenario alot of attractions, including a large SPA where Dommes can relax being pampered by their boys.

The SPA consist of three large pools, all with poseballs to float or just lay in the water for a nice chat, a surrounding area with all sort of pampering toys: massage table, nail polishing and foot rubbing just to mention a few. Just outside the main building a nice open garden with benches and dance balls for a romantic moment after the pampering in the SPA.

For the Zindra Expo Strict Venus will recreate the magical experience of the Pampering SPA, bringing the whole building for visitors to take a nice break and enjoy in a comfortable and relaxing frame.

Strict Venus can be found inworld at:
on the web at:
and of course at the Zindra Expo coming soon !

Friday, July 29, 2011

"The Wheel of Torture" @ SV

A new exciting game is now available @ the Strict Venus' lounge for all sub to play with: "The Wheel of Torture"!  Boys can come and spin the wheel and try their luck (or bad luck) and get one of the punishments available on the wheel, and Mistresses can as well make their boys play here if they have been naughty or just for fun !

The "12 hours naked on the SIM" punishment in action
The Wheel of Torture is located here: just next the "Double Challenge Puzzle Cage" and the "BondZee" dice game table - other nice attractions of the lounge.

Come play and share the fun!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures from the Black Party !

Strict Venus Black Party

       Strict Venus dance party
On Sunday the 24th of july, 2011
               H 12PM - 2PM SLT
     with DJ Arcangelo Hellmann

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

 "black party" !

Black! Dress in black, wear a black skin or black hair, a black thong, black latex.. Be black! For the black dance party at Strict Venus like every sunday with DJ Arcangelo and the wonderful lounge tunes selected for you! Black cats welcome.. ;)

Come share the fun, bring in your friends, and join us on sunday for another great event at Strict Venus !

Party will be @:

Strict Venus: welcome aboard our blog!

Strict Venus logo
Strict Venus blog is online !

Come visit us inworld @