Monday, January 30, 2017

Lingerie party pics!

          Strict Venus presents:
                Lingerie party!
     Sunday the 29th of Jan, 2017
             H 11AM-1PM SLT
                  DJ Eve Terr

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce and invite you to the upcoming:

               "Lingerie party" !

Sexy party this time in Strict Venus! Yes, Venusians! Despite the winter, we'll be in the warmth of our land and dance to make ourselves warm in.. Lingerie! DJ Miss Eve will keep up the rhythm with her sexy tunes on Sunday the 29th of January, at 11AM SLT, for 2H of great music with us!
Come over, be sexy!


Gia and Rich

Saramoa, Reason and Banana

Kika and Bryan

Vicky and Lance




Duraya and Kapaan

Anna and Dann


Hagar and Squishy

Vicky and Kerian

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