Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas party pics!

          Strict Venus presents:
              Christmas party!
     Sunday the 18th of Dec, 2016
             H 11AM-1PM SLT
                 DJ Eve Terr

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce and invite you at the upcoming:

               "Christmas party" !

It's Christmas time! Yes, Venusians! It's time to get those red outfits out of your inventory and get all festive and pretty for the seasonal holidays!
So we will be waiting here on Sunday the 18th of December at usual 11AM SLT for 2H of Christmas music and dances and fun with all the SV crew!
Don't miss it and come join us!

Annabelle and sky









Raven and Gordon



Saramoa and Reason



Saturday, December 17, 2016

WS Creations - Discotheque party pics!

         Strict Venus presents:
 WS Creations Sponsored party!
    Friday the 16th of Dec 2016
            H 11AM-1PM SLT
                 DJ Squishy

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "WS Creations - Discotheque party" !

Hello Venusians! A new Promo party for WS Creations Sexy Furnitures - that you can come and test on our land or in their shop at any time!

We'll be waiting for you on Friday the 16th of December for 2H of good music by DJ Squishy, here in Strict Venus! There will be a contest with a great prize for the best costume in theme with:
    Discotheque: the best disco themed outfit!

And the top 3 winners will get a bunch of WS Creations gift cards! You can't miss the chance!

So.. Come and wear your best gears to be the winner of this great contest!
Take the chance and be at the party!



Ashe and Ethan





Kika and Robert



Saramoa, Ash and Reason

Saramoa, Ash and Reason



Monday, December 12, 2016

The Big Chill party pics!

          Strict Venus presents:
            The Big Chill party!
     Sunday the 11th of Dec, 2016
             H 11AM-1PM SLT
                 DJ Eve Terr

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce and invite you at the upcoming:

               "The Big Chill party" !

Hey there, Venusians! It's cold outside and we really need to warm up a bit, wiggling those asses to shake away the chill! So: come with us on Sunday the 11th of December at 11AM SLT! There will be our DJ Miss Eve, the SV crew, and great music for 2H of fun! You just bring your dancing boots and yourself and be here!
See you at the dance!

Anna and Dann


Dawn and Mel




Karla and Eric





Sunday, December 11, 2016

SV 2017 Calendar Photo Contest! - RESULTS!

          Strict Venus presents:
      2017 Calendar Photo Contest!
                  starting on
     Saturday the 26th of Nov, 2016
                   ending on
     Saturday the 10th of Dec, 2016
              H 12:00 noon SLT

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce the results of the:

               "2017 Calendar Photo Contest" !

Hello Venusians!

Yes! Our 2017 Calendar Photo Contest has been a big success!

So! Are you curious to know who are the winners?

There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner. The winner will be on the cover of our SV Calendar as well!!! And the best 12 will be selected as the months of the calendar!

The prizes will be offered by the 3ari Fashion store, that you can find on Marketplace at the following URL:
Prizes will be goods from the store and cash (250L, 150L, 100L)!

...and the winner of the 1st prize - and cover of our 2017 Calendar - is...

1   Dresser (votes: 36) !!!

While the 2nd and 3rd prize (and they will be in the months of our SV Calendar for 2017 as well!) go to..

2    Duraya (votes: 35)

3    Canis Canning (votes: 32)

The following photos don't win a prize but they will be in the months of our calendar for 2017 - that you will receive in the next days from SV group!

4    Efes Paine - Bondage (votes: 28)

5    Cat Octavia (votes: 26)

6    Efes Paine - Table (votes: 25)

7    Ashst (votes: 23)

8    MyReason92 (votes: 22)

9    Richtea57 (votes: 21)

10  samirlayl (votes: 20)

11  subbie5 (votes: 20)

12  Dharma Lane - Carrot (votes: 19)

13  Dharma Lane - Chastity (votes: 17)

To all the other following participants - who won't be in our Calendar though - a big thank you!! for participating and being in game with us! And a better luck for the Calendar 2018!!

14  Kapaan (votes: 14)

15  velveteendream - Red (votes: 12)

16  dregsworth (votes: 12)

17  velveteendream - Green (votes: 11)

18  Jackson Cruyff - Ducky (votes: 11)

19  christianRhymes (votes: 10)

20  MarcAgenoux - Bath (votes: 10)

21  Jackson Cruyff - Cross (votes: 9)

22  Klaxon Morgwain (votes: 9)

23  MarcAgenoux - Shower (votes: 7)

The winners will be contacted in the next days by 3ari Fashion to pick up their prizes in the store - and to receive their L$ prizes!

Congrats again to all participants and see you here for the next events (that you can find on the boards at the entrance in our land!).