Friday, February 24, 2012

Japanese party pics !

       Strict Venus dance party
On Thursday the 23rd of feb, 2012
              H 2PM - 4PM SLT
            with DJ Squisy Paine

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "Turning japanese party" !

We will be turning japanese on thursday at the rock party with DJ Squishy ! Samurai and geishas and Ladies in kimonos, all are welcome for this new appointment with our rock dance here at Strict Venus !

Monday, February 20, 2012

70s disco party pics !

       Strict Venus dance party
On Sunday the 12th of feb, 2012
              H 2PM - 4PM SLT
            with DJ Purple Landar

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "70s disco dance party" !

Time to get the 70s back at Strict Venus, with a 70s disco dance party where you will be able to wear you shiny colors and your afro hairdo!  Shake your booty to the amazing tunes of DJ Purple and move those platforms on the dance floor for another great party with us!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

...And the winner is.. (running hogtied competition)

Hello all ! We just had our 2nd competition for the "submissives' olympics of arts": the "running hogtied 50mts" race! Partecipants were getting ready on the start line :

They run as fast as they can but .. noone was able to beat Dan1 Blokke! Who won 1000L from our sponsor Kano Tamale and an Anima Animated Cross toy - that went as well to all the other partecipants! Woot !

Don't miss the next competition here at Strict Venus, stay tuned !

Monday, February 13, 2012

Goth party pics !

       Strict Venus dance party
On Sunday the 12th of feb, 2012
              H 2PM - 4PM SLT
            with DJ Purple Landar

Strict Venus Femdom SSC land is proud to announce you and invite you at the upcoming:

            "Gothic dance party" !

Is almost St. Valentine's and your teeth would get a decay if we'd make another sweet and romantic party .. what about a good Gothic dance, dark and obscure, with our great DJ Purple that will spin the best goth tunes for you? So come and wear your black, vampire or gothic outfit and celebrate with us before the red herts will take you without mercy !!

DJ Purple Landar will be spinning his wicked tunes for you here in the wonderful frame of the dance arena in Strict Venus!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Submissives' arts olympics: the poetry competition!

The submissives' arts olympics started last week with the first competition: Poetry on the theme "Femdom"!  The first 3 qualified for the prizes have been:

3rd place: Kano Tamale, wins a set of submissives' poses from Anima Animations Shop:

2nd place: Adon Naxos, wins a collar from Evelock:

..and the winner of the collar from Evelock and the 1000L donated by Kano is: Purple Landar !

Here are the 3 poems for you to read and enjoy!

Kano Tamale - "Topping poem"

((text preferably printed in fat dark black in the right top corner of the image ))

if i could be the spike under Your heels,
i would be

if i could be in the turn of Your agenda,
i would be

if i could be the oil of Your dreams
i would be

before you destroy
my Topping

Adon Naxos - "Her touch"

To feel Her touch, it makes me shiver,
Her delicate fingers make me quiver.

Her gentle hand upon my face,
a firm smack to show me my place.

A playful squeeze, a sinful bite,
Her lustful tease throughout the night.

The want, the need, the deep desire,
Her touch can start or quell the fire.

Something so humble can invoke so much,
as the lasting craving for Her Touch.

Purple Landar

Chapter One : Lilac Leashed..
One Summer's eve, some friends and I
Were chatting , passing time Idly by
When She arrived and stood awhile.
When I spoke, she'd sometimes smile
But mostly She just stood close by me
as I sat on the bench under a tree.

Her brooding imposing presence beside
Still silent She stood, mental thumbscrews applied
Her Perfect form my sublime distraction
Exuding power, control and exaction
My own will draining and feeding Her
In some inexplicable transfer

How does She affect me to such degree
By simply standing so close to me?
The More I feel my self control fading
The More I feel her presence invading
I know my destiny is as her Devotee
Unable to breathe unless at her decree

And then, I feel Her presence Fade
She'd gone -oh, how I wished she'd stayed.
Shaken and Stirred by this sequestration
I recover enough to resume conversation
And wondering quite what happened there
bade goodnight to my Friends and left my chair

The next day this wondrous woman appeared again
Her hooks now embedded deep in my brain
This night she stayed a good while longer
Her power over me growing ever stronger
Friends bade their good-nights one-by-one
Until all but She and I were gone

A deafening silence filled the air
Then this vision with fiery copper hair
Circled me slowly with curious intent
So close, my nostrils fill with her scent
Helpless now, I sit entrapped
by her awesome beauty entirely rapt

Her hand on my shoulder she gently laid
And onto my knees at her feet she bade
I can do nought but comply, I need only to please
And slide from the chair and onto my knees
Like putty am ,I for her to mould as She pleases
Hips swaying before my face as She teases

She places one foot upon my left thigh
Then draws my gaze up to meet hers eye-to-eye
My body betrays me in bright glowing blush
Her finger lifts to her lips bidding me hush
I'm consumed by her presence and feel such delight
when she whispers with a smile : "Not tonight..."

Still smiling that smile she walks slowly away
leaving me drowning in a pool of dismay
My mind in a spin in such glorious rapture
blind-sided and staggering, hers for the capture
I blunder my way through the following day
Wondering if She will again come my way

Imagine my ecstasy and utter delight
when again she appeared the following night
Biding her time 'til our friends had all had parted
She continued the work she had previously started
Again I find myself  prone at her feet
Towering over me, her conquest complete

Unable to speak, I look up in mute adoration
Her soft, fluid curves my total fixation
She fixes me then with a purposeful gaze
My mouth turning dry as she gently sways
She parts her legs wider, then to my surprise
squats down abruptly, and straddles my thighs

Pinned to the ground, my chest pounding hard
My new-found Goddess plays her trump-card
Her finger extended , a faint line She traces
around my thumping neck as my pulse races
She smiles with intent as I spy in her hand
held between her fingers a soft leather band

Her digit insisting that I raise my chin
she slips the band around, cool 'gainst my skin
Expertly she draws the band just sufficiently tight
buckling up carefully as I squirm with delight
A soft click I hear as another clasp latches
My Heart beating fast as her leash she attaches

Chapter Two - Purple Plaything

Then Standing again, she tugs on the chain
pulling me sharply forward in delicious restrain
She leads me inside, behind a great wooden door
then pushes me down upon a rug on the floor
Astride me She stands, Magnificence pure
I drink in her Majesty and drown in her allure

Smiling down on me, I look up in total attraction
My body responds in inevitable reaction
She squats over me , gyrating, teasing me so
Knowing My longing, and watching me grow
Her soft leather gusset concealing her rose
so tantalisingly close to the tip of my nose

I crane my head upwards in desperation to reach
She slams it back down, my patience to teach
Pinned down by my hair staring up twixt her thighs
Her Fiery hair now no match for the fire in her eyes
My chest heaving hard as I draw in lungfuls of air
Her scent overwhelming me, I'm trapped in her snare

Then swooping low over me locks me in exquisite embrace
pushing her taut leather-clad mound on my face
"Now show me your skills, Boy" says She as I lie underneath
"Unbutton this gusset using only your teeth"
Unable to speak I nod in affirmation
Holding my breath is start this new assignation

I Tilt my head back to a limit extreme
In order to reach the free ended seam
Panting and struggling I work with my jaw
until I have the free end clasped in my maw
My captor wriggles down in rhythmic gyration
Enjoying to the full the increased agitation

"Good Boy" she responds as the tension releases
Her petals brushing my face, my arousal increases
she allows me a moment for a lungful of air
then descends all the harder and smothers me there
My lips smeared with the sweet nectar of her desire
I feel my own passion rise higher and higher

Extending my tongue, her sweet lips parting
first long slow traversals, then probing and darting
Her wine flowing down I first sip and sup
then lapping and slurping - a true thirsty pup
teasing out her sweet bud I feel her shudder and moan
Pinned down by her desire I wriggle and groan

She turns on my face and down my body she leans
And begins unbuckling my belt and my jeans
"Lift, Boy" she demands slapping hard on my ass
I lift, best I can so my garments can pass
I Hope I have something there that will amuse
as my manhood springs forth she cries "THAT I can use!"

She beckons me stand and my clothing remove
of what remains, I dearly hope she will approve
I stand before her magnificence, naked and erect
She circles me twice, slowly, to inspect
She seems satisfied then says "I have an Idea"
then tugs again at my chain, shouting "Come over here!"

She leads me over to a wooden contraption
designed for her pleasure, but might leave me in traction
"Lie back on this bench" she commands. I Obey
then straps in my wrists and ankles so I'm proud on display
Bound backwards over the bench I am prone
back arched uncomfortably to be her pleasure-throne

Her wicked smile widens as her eyes alight
on my rigid manhood standing proud and upright
Stepping over, she straddles me, strong and imposing
No doubt in my mind what act she's proposing
Impressive, magnificent, in total control
Slowly she lowers herself onto my pole

Tensing myself to prepare for the strain
with satisfaction she lifts and lowers herself again
and then without warning she roughly slams down
Taking deep within her my swollen crown
The warmth of her body around me embracing
Sets my body on fire and my pulses racing

"Buck, boy, Buck!" she frenziedly calls
I buck, best I can, slamming down on my balls
I cry out in pain at the unexpected entangling
twixt our flesh and the bench, Genitalia mangling
"Take your pleasure from me Miss" I call out in pain
"Be sure of it Boy" She says "and don't you complain"

She holds between her fingers one swollen plumb
"And Remember Boy, you wait my permission to cum"
I Nod back mutely as she rides me roughly
"Be sure you do, Boy" she responds gruffly
As pleasure and pain increase and entwine
My full concentration eruption to confine

Insatiable She, hell-bent on her pleasure
me as her toy, that I may later repent at leisure
with such expertise, she clasps tight around me
The compulsion to erupt overwhelms me
Blue-balled and groaning, laden with seed
She smiles at my anguish, knows my need

Waving her finger before me in stern denial
she speaks :"Not yet, Boy - you'll fail your trial"
"Believe me you'd best  control your urges"
"Lest the Nastier me emerges"
I slump back on the bench, aching for release
The fire below in vain to decrease

Dismounting me now, she judges my state
and laughs cruelly as I lie there prostrate
slapping my member fore and aft
her juices glistening down my shaft
she cups my balls, first with delicate precision
then roughly, bringing them into sharp collision

my body jolts wildly in delicious pain
she strokes my length slowly, rigidity to maintain
and then, smiling wickedly she declares:
"I know I am the answer to your prayers"
"But I don't want your blessing yet"
"Not 'til I say - now don't forget"

on my swollen crown She lays a long, deep Kiss
One eye watching over my state of bliss
then into her mouth she deeply draws
my throbbing meat between her jaws
Pre-cum swirling, on the brink of spurting
my crushed balls in her hand, tender and hurting

Spitting me out with clear disdain
she stands astride me once again
"Now boy, You must make my world rock"
"As I grind upon your worthless cock"
"And if you make me cry out loud"
"Your own release will be allowed"

"Yes Miss" I Whimper and then decide
to give my Mistress her deserved ride
and if my back breaks in the course
strapped across this vaulting horse
Then I'll find myself an osteopath
rather than incur my new Mistress' wrath

wrenching painfully against my bindings
to give Her the mother of all ridings
my legs a-trembling with effort spent
I once again can smell that scent
Her sweet cologne that keeps me striving
My buttocks pumping, my pelvis driving.

Bucking wildly against my Yoke
our bodies part with every stroke
before again she crashes down
my sword within her lake to drown
In anguish now I cannot contain my groaning
and such sweet music I hear Mistress Moaning

her eyes half closed, her wild expression
as she rides me with renewed aggression
Then with a mighty matriarchal roar
Her nectar quickly starts to pour
Running down my shaft and balls
"Fuck Me Boy!" she loudly calls

Panting, sweating, Hard and Aching
Every muscle in me taut and quaking
Then the moment comes, her sweet Orgasm
As she takes me deep into her chasm
her spasms clenching tight around
in milking action within her mound

She calls out loud as her passion crashes
and against my ragged body smashes
Slowing now, she regains her composure
as I look imploringly to her for closure
And looking down , she smiles, sublime
"Now , my boy. Now is your time.."

"Come now Boy, please don't disappoint"
"I can see you're nearing boiling point"
"Now show me what you can produce"
"And fill me with your urgent juice"
And then her hand behind her falls
to gently cup my throbbing balls

Her skilful digital scrotal disruption
is the trigger for my delayed eruption
I cry out loud as the fire-stream courses
And through my balls and shaft it forces
Pulsing hot lava from my turgid crown
clasping internally, Miss Milks me down

As the waves subside I twitch and spasm
in the dying moments of my orgasm
I feel her hand tighten around my sack
and squeeze my balls 'til I'm sure they'll crack
in agony I cry out "Oh Mistress, Why?"
she replies "Because I'm going to milk you dry"

"once you have started, you cannot stop
Until I have taken every last drop"
And so with a further mighty squeeze
this part of the contract she guarantees
Our bodies now all sloppy and slipping
she dismounts again and stands there, dripping

Towering over me still, she takes forward a stride
Above my face and says "Now, Open Wide.."
and lowering herself upon me once more
She asks of me another chore
"Now clean me up, boy and make it hasty
I know you'll find this job particularly tasty"

"and if there's left  a single drop
you'll taste the sharp-side of my crop"
and so I set about my final assignment
in Mistress most glorious intimate confinement
To satisfy Mistress I couldn't be keener
and busy myself as her personal cleaner

Chapter 3 - Violet Violation

My duties as personal Hygienist completed
and intimate turgidity now somewhat depleted
She stands once more and considers her prey
looking down at my wilting cock with dismay
"I'm just warming up, Boy" she barks with resent
"What use to me now, that you're withered and spent?"

I look up imploring for some semblance of pardon
For my inadequate lack of a permanent hard-on
"In five minutes or so Miss, I'm sure I can summon
A suitable phallus such that you may cum on"
"That's no use to me now, Boy" she shouts in frustration
"You disappoint me with such premature deflation"

"My ardour is risen and I demand satisfaction
So now we must follow a new course of action..."
She leans down, my bindings to slowly untie
then fixes me sternly with a grin so wry
"I'll have my Fun, Boy - I will not be denied
And I know exactly in what way you will provide"

Taking my hand she peels me up from the horse
and drags me over the room with unprecedented force
To a vertical frame of thick, sturdy timber
My back-buckled skeleton to stretch and limber
It's purposeful bindings diagonally opposed
in which I am soon bound, X-spread and exposed

Strung taut twixt the poles, Miss checks me for tension
I'm bound totally helpless in agonising suspension
The tip of her crop draws a straight line down my back
then squeezed between my buttocks and down to my sack
with a sharp efficient twitch, the first strike landing
Mistress commences her imperious branding

Heel-tapping, strutting, I hear her presence behind
Wondering what Service she now has on her mind
My query is answered as a sudden chill streaks
trickling slow down the cleft 'twixt my glowing red cheeks
A following finger slides smooth in it's wake
Heading inevitably for my most precious keepsake

My heart beats fast and my lungs are on fire
in nervous anticipation I pant and perspire
Finding her target , and with gentle persuasion
I'm breached by her insistent index invasion
Sensing sphinctoral resistance and fear
She whispers softly "Relax,  my dear.."

"Be gentle, please, Miss?" I quietly exclaim
She wryly replies "So I'm the first to claim ?"
I nod my head dumbly affirming the fact
that She is the first to explore this boy's tract
Satisfaction drips from her voice, as she purrs, reassuring
"Now I guess that's why I find you just so alluring ..."

"So, trust me my dear - and this consummation
 will transpire with care and ample lubrication"
 And so gently she begins, with a skilful hand
 My intimate circle to gradually expand
 My initial panic begins slowly to fade
 Relaxing, allowing Her to further invade

 "Wonderful, boy - you're learning so fast !
 I think that now you are ready- at last"
 And from behind me I hear the buckling of straps
 Then around my hips, Her hands She wraps..
 Then pushing the limits of my peace of mind
 A firm cold nudge I feel against my entrance behind

 Adjusting her engagement, and with increasing insistence
 Drips more oil down my cleft to decrease the resistance
 A sharp jolt from her hips and I'm finally breached
 as the point of no return is reached
 and slowly, but showing no signs of retreat
 she slides all the way in, her conquest complete

Purring low in my ear she whispers "Well done ...
And now I can begin to have MY fun ..
I'll give you a moment - make sure you relax
so that when I withdraw, you do not prolapse"
With a wicked laugh she counts slowly to Three
and withdraws the latex intruder from me

I pausing for breath, and to my great surprise
I realise my ardour is beginning to rise
Reaching round from behind, she grasps me with glee
"Knew you'd enjoy this, Boy, and I was right . see?"
And so with another liberal dousing of oil
She continues my Anal-cherry to despoil

Plunged hard from behind by this strapon-clad Dame
One fist round my shaft in control of her claim
the other slapping my ass-cheeks 'til glowing
Behind me I sense her enjoyment is growing
Feeling duty bound to bring her more pleasure
I tentatively clench to increase the pressure

"GOOOOD BOY !" She cries out - no stopping her now
As she mercilessly continues my furrow to plough
Stroking me now as she approaches her Goal
"we'll do this together, since you gave me your whole"
Her climax approaching I Clench as hard as I dare
To heighten her pleasure is all that I care

And then, comes the moment , the point of her quest
Shrieking as she cums, her delight unsuppressed
as my manhood erupts in her hard-pumping fist
Together in sweet orgasmic tryst
Finally withdrawing , my Iris still gaping
She concludes her vigorous, Wonderful raping

Smiling and panting , My bindings untying
She brings me to the floor, there to join her lying
Embracing my wracked, ragged body so tight
She kisses my forehead and bids me goodnight
And then she is gone, leaving me alone with my pain
I wonder if I shall ever see her again ?