Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Freed from Her" - A Purple Freeform

Freed from Her the sun cannot warm me the way it used to
Freed from Her the sky is never as blue as it once was
Freed from Her My world is just a little darker and just a little colder

Freed from Her I CAN still do all the things I used to
But freed from Her - they seem to lose their point

When she entered my Life I was lifted to a higher plane of delight
Now she's gone - I'm left in freefall -
desperately grabbing at passing clouds
that have not the substance to support me

Forever falling, falling, failing

Freed from Her I have nowhere to seek solace
No-one to tell me "Everything will be Fine"
And I'd believe Her -
because just to be with Her made it so

Her Gentle Positivity nurtured the fire of life within me
Strong bellows that fuelled the flames
giving me strength to consume obstacles
in the Furnace she stoked so strong.

Now those flames flicker and die
The embers shimmer and fade
and though I huff and puff to keep them alive
One overly damp log carelessly tossed
May extinguish them forever

Like a book she read me - from cover to cover
My instruction manual laid bare
Her careful hands played the instrument of me
Making music more beautiful than I ever knew I had within me

Now my pages are fluttering in the wind
Torn from my spine in stormy weather
A rusting detuned instrument, dull and bereft of beauty
vague echoes of what once was, still ringing in my ears


  1. wowo purp thta is awesoem hun Brightest Blessings to oyu hun

  2. Awwwww... sad, beautiful, but sad. *hugs*